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New December 2008 maps of Cambodian Concessions (descriptions to follow)

Here are a series of maps detailing current land concessions in Cambodia, details to follow.

Monday, 28 April 2008

Hun Sen and his ruling Cambodian People's Party (CPP) have,put the country up for sale.

Land in Cambodia, In the Guardian.

"No one can agree what impact the foreign land sales will have on the Cambodian economy because so little information is made public.

"CPP parliamentarians and cabinet are remote and dismissive of their people. They are not required to report on their interests or assets, making it impossible to deduce how much Hun Sen and his cabinet have personally benefited"

"Hun Sen and his ruling Cambodian People's Party (CPP) have,put the country up for sale. Crucially, they permit investors to form 100% foreign-owned companies in Cambodia that can buy land and real estate outright - or at least on 99-year plus 99-year leases."

"No other country in the world countenances such a deal. Even in Thailand and Vietnam, where similar land speculation and profiteering are under way, foreigners can be only minority shareholders."

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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Rights Razed - The 2008 Amnesty Report on Forced Evictions and Relocations in Cambodia

“My son was arrested and beaten up while he was collecting belongings from
the house. I saw them walking away with him, beating him. Then he was tied
up and put on the truck.”

“Before, he went fishing and farming. Now who can I rely on? Since he was
arrested, I have not managed to earn anything. My house was completely burnt
Villager forcibly evicted from Mittapheap 4 village, Sihanoukville, on 20 April 2007

"Although there have been some positive recent signs, including repeated calls by
Prime Minister Hun Sen for an end to land-grabbing and sporadic action against
people involved in land theft, the Cambodian government has not demonstrated
political will to ensure an end to forced evictions or the factors leading to them.
Instead government representatives are seen to be involved in or standing by as the
law is applied arbitrarily or by-passed altogether, in ways that grant impunity to those
in political or economic power for arbitrarily expropriating land from marginalized
people living in poverty.
As long as this pattern is allowed to go on, hundreds of thousands of Cambodians live
under threat of being forcibly evicted – in Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville and urban
centres, but increasingly also in rural areas."

- From the Amnesty Report (Click Here to download a copy)

Saturday, 5 January 2008

South Laos Mineral Concessions

AltMapCambodia reveals a newly leaked map of South Laos mineral concessions, proposed and in progress as of 2007.The Lao government maintains a website about mineral concessions and provides a spreadsheet of companies engaged in concessions, and gives a difficult-to-read map of concession areas. This map overlaps that provided the Laotian government, but includes some not disclosed by these materials, including numerous proposed concessions.

Small JPEG 319k
Large JPEG 709k
High Quality PDF 593k

Green rectangles indicate concessions acknowledged by the Government of Laos. (For the Government's own map, click here; the Law: Lao Mining Law of 1997).

Companies Included:
Lao-China Oriental Minerals Development Co Ltd, Lane Xang Development, Chaleunxokxay Construction, South Asia Economic & Technical, Lao Service Incorporation, CEIEC & CEIECSC, Lao Aluminum Industry, Viet Phuong, XJ International, Quanbinh Industrial Trading SR, Chongya Exi, Santi Trading Ltd., Phonepaseuth, Sinlong Ltd., Savane Gypsum, Aries Mining Ltd., Lane Xang Mineral, Sengchan Mining, Enterprise Gypsum, VINA Chem, Viet-Lao Corporation, Xaylatana Kosag, Yunnan Machinery Import & Export Co. Ltd., Tienchingchongchi Ltd., Mining Development Company Ltd., Lanxang Development Corporation, Magnum Fertilizers Company, Lao-China Gold Mining Industry, Khamkeut Mining.

Monday, 22 October 2007

1024070 Hectares of Cambodia? Who is Bon Bon World?

Bon Bon World Investments and Consulting Group Ltd., has made arrangements for a string of large concessions with the Cambodian Government totaling 1024070 hectares! Who is Bon Bon World?

According to their website they are here:

#50A, Street 334, Sangkat Boeng Keng Kang 1,
Khan Chamkar Mon, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel: 855 23 993 248
Fax: 855 23 993 2480

A quiet house in Phnom Penh with little sign of life, according to an AMC reader.

And here:

845 UN Plaza, New York, NY 10017, USA
Tel: 1-800 747 9155
Fax: 1-212 223 4660

Bon Bon's website reveals little: some of the text has been cribbed from other sites, and some their projects appear to be fake. Yet the photographs are instructive, showing Bon Bon World staff in meetings with a series of Cambodian officials and prominent Cambodian People's Party leadership.

Interestingly, Bon Bon World also lists the questionable Koh Puos development project as part of their portfolio of projects.

AltMapCambodia now reveals internal Bon World documents (large PDF) showing the location of concessions apparently negotiated between Bon Bon World and the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Know more? Contact AMC (

Agricultural and Mineral Concessions in Cambodia

AltMapCambodia publishes a Khmer language map of agricultural and Mineral Concessions in Cambodia as of July 2007 (if links do not work please click on the maps).

More maps from AltMapCambodia:

The Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries website on Economic Land Concessions has some useful information including limited Company Profiles

Have questions: you can contact them here.

The UN Special Representative of the Secretary General for Human Rights report on Economic Land Concessions is available here.

Some recent links related to concessions:

(thanks to an AMC reader)

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Koh Puos Investment Group

Rumors have swirled around KPIG’s activities in Sihanoukville, and it is thought by many that KPIG’s $300 million Snake Island development would serve as a front for Russian money laundering. The arrest of the Chairman, Russian businessman Alexander Trofimov, who was charged with debauchery for sex with fourteen year old girl, may mean the end of KPIG in Cambodia. AltMapCambodia has obtained original documents from KPIG's proposals.

Photographs from KPIG’s Proposal (large PDF)

Investment and feasibility studies (One) and (Two)

Draw your own conclusions.

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